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Afghanistan’s first mobile money service provider bringing financial inclusion and transparency.

About M-Paisa

M-Paisa customers can pay their daily and utility bills (Breshna Electricity bill, Restaurant and Shopping bills) from their phone without carrying cash or having to go to a bank. This saves customers time, efforts and money. M-Paisa customers can now pay their Breshna bills at the touch of a button at anytime and anywhere from their mobile phone in Kabul. This service will be soon available in other provinces. To pay your Breshna bill, you need to associate your M-Paisa account with your Breshna account. Then dial *111# & select 4 for Bill Pay and follow the instructions. To talk to an M-Paisa Customer Service Agent for more information and instruction, please dial 333.

  • Person to person money transfer.
  • Disbursing and repaying small loans.
  • Airtime purchases.
  • Bill payments (utility bills like electricity)
  • Disbursement and receipt of salaries.
  • Mobile Banking Services – linking M-Paisa account to bank accounts for wallet to bank and bank to wallet transactions
  • Merchant payments This service makes it easy to transfer funds to the mobile through SMS or IVR system. Our audio system is available in Dari, Pashto and English for our customers. Based on Roshan’s position as an innovator in the market M-Paisa was established in 2008 with the aim of supporting the Afghan economy, providing financial services to 97% of people who did not have access to banking services.

How to activate

To register and activate an account anywhere in Afghanistan, call 333 or visit your nearest Roshan shop. Learn more: To learn how M-Paisa can benefit your business, send an e-mail with your name, mobile number and questions to: or


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Bank partnership

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Buy Airtime

M-Paisa enables Customers to purchase mobile airtime credit for themselves or for their friends and family members. Just dial *111# then press 2 for credit purchase and follow the instructions

Send money via M-Paisa anywhere in Afghanistan!

Transfer money from your M-Paisa account on your phone to your friends and family instantly! By using M-Paisa technology, customers can send & receive money at any time and from anywhere in Afghanistan. Send money from your mobile phone at the touch of a button. To proceed, dial *111#, press 1 and then follow the instructions.

Pay Loan

Micro-finance loan recipients can make their loan re-payments through their M-Paisa account on their phones without having to go to the Micro-finance Institutions. All you need to have is M-Paisa account in your mobile. Using this feature, Microfinance borrowers can save time and money that would otherwise be spent while travelling to a bank branch.

Salary/Loan/Fund disbursement

Businesses, Government offices, Public and Private Institutions or Micro Finance entities can disburse salaries and funds to their employees and staff through M-Paisa. This ensures that beneficiaries receive 100% of their salaries & loans instantly in a safe, secure and cost-efficient manner. Employees or loan borrowers can then withdraw or cash out theirs salaries/loans or use the e-money in their M-Paisa accounts to buy mobile phone credit, pay bills or transfer money to friends and families from and to anywhere and at any time safely and securely.

Withdraw Cash in or Cash out

Customers can withdraw or cash out their e-money from their M-Paisa account from more than 1000 locations/agents in Afghanistan.

Wallet to bank & Bank to wallet

M-Paisa customers can now transfer e-money from their M-Paisa account to their linked bank accounts. We are integrated with banks to make it easy for our customers to make Wallet to Bank (M-Paisa to Bank) and Bank to Wallet transactions. In addition, M-Paisa will be integrated with Afghanistan Payment System (APS) which enables customers to send money to customers from other mobile money operators.

Data collection & verification through Biometrics

M-Paisa offers biometric data collection and data verification through GPS-enabled POS devices in all locations of Afghanistan.

Dedicated Call Centers

M-Paisa has a dedicated Call Center where customers can call 333 to resolve any issues they may have.

Mobile Application

My Roshan

Download My Roshan App now to top-up, subscribe to your favorite internet and call plans or customize your own plan, and check your real-time usage.